Men aren’t typically known to carry a lot of stuff with them on a daily basis. Aside from the things in your bag, whether for school or work, men don’t carry much in their pockets. You have the usual suspects, the smartphone, the wallet, some change maybe, or a handkerchief, but other that they don’t have much else. But if there were one item that men and women should start carrying around at all times, that item would be the multitool.


When you don’t have a lot of real estates to work with, it’s hard to carry around a lot of stuff without stuffing your pockets until it bulges out from your pants. Multi-tools are great because not only are they the perfect tool for the daily handyman but with multitools coming in different sizes and shapes and configurations, finding the perfect multitool for you isn’t that hard to do. Many brands, online and in physical stores sell plenty of different multi tools that cater to multiple purposes.

Multi-tools are perfect the perfect tool for you to always keep on hand in your pocket as it comes in different sizes and configurations, depending on what you need them. The range of sizes caters to not only the size of the user but with the tools that they will need with everyday problems they encounter. Someone who will rarely use the multi-tool can get a small version that only has the basic set of tools, something that isn’t heavy and won’t be a burden in the pocket. For someone who uses tools on a daily basis such as a repairman or a mechanic, can get a bigger and more equipped multi-tool, for in situations where in they do not have their everyday tool kit with them, and need to do some light repair work.

Another great thing about multi-tools is that they cater to different purposes, whether for hunting or fishing or just for everyday carry, there is a multi-tool that can cater to your needs. Multi tools that have special purposes will feature specific tools that are important for that main purpose, such as a gut hook for freshly caught fish, or a bigger knife with a hammer end for the avid camper, there are hundreds if not thousands of possibilities and different uses.

Even the way multi-tools are stored has evolved, with some multi-tools being as minimalist as possible, are formed to resemble a card that you can simply slip in your wallet. These tools offer the simple basic tools such as a straight edge, a blade, a screwdriver and a bottle opener. Coming in such a small form factor, you can carry one without even noticing it.

Bracelets with different tools that are incorporated in the different metal links are also a new way to carry multi-tools. Not only are they functional, being able to get you out of a sticky situation, but they can be a manly accessory that you can sport every day.

You don’t need to have a lot of tools with you at all times to be a handyman in Raleigh, a simple multi-tool that fits right in your back pocket can already help you with a lot of different purposes that you can encounter in everyday life.