Even before a roofer learns how to install a roof properly, the 1st thing he learns is how to answer the most frequent questions a homeowner asks. It is unlikely your list would flush out any real differences among the contenders if you go with the typical bidding procedure armed with a list of questions to the contractor.


You shouldask inquiries that cannot be answered with a number or a “yes” and “no” to better know the legitimacy of every Nashville roofing companies.  

Ask Broad Questions. 

For instance, you should ask the roofer about the number of nails he will use on every shingle. The answer you must hear is 4. 

To make that question better, you should ask about the nailing technique of his crew. The answer should be that they will place the number of nails depending on the specifications of the manufacturer, ranging from on severe slopes to 4 on moderate slopes. Also, they must place the nails in the required field. You will never have problems with shingles blowing or sliding off. 

Explain the Procedure 

If you ask the roof if the company is completely insured, he will always say yes to that. Instead, ask the roofer a question like “what will happen if someone is injured or something is damaged?” 

Of course, the answer you really want to hear should be that if they damage your property accidentally and the damage seems to be fewer than their $1,000 deductible, they will fix right away the issue at their expense. They will put you in touch with their insurance company if the problem is more severe. A good roofer will give you immediately their insurance agent’s number and policy number for you to call and confirm his coverage.  

Detailed and Useful Info 

If you ask the roofer how long has he been doing the job, he will certainly answer you with a number, let us say 15. However, a lot of homeowners knew in the hard way that the number only means that he has 1 year of experience and he has repeated it 15 times.  

Ask the roofer to tell you about his particular experience instead. This will flush out details that are very useful. The answer you should hear is that, for example, “I began at JVZ Roofing in 1997. After working there for 6 years, I was employed as a foreman at ZXC Roofing. Then, I began my own business in 2009. So, I have acquired 12 years of experience in roofing, half of it roofing and the other half managing my own company.” 

You do not have to know everything about roofing to come up with a list of questions to ask candidates. All you need to do is to think of questions that would provide the roofer a chance to tell her or his expertise.  

Be alert for responses that are benefit-oriented as you listen. After the roofer is done talking, the next thing you do is to ask yourself if the roofer is right for you.