Tree removal is a very dangerous project that requires highly trained individuals and specialized equipment.  

An expert arborist may perform a detailed inspection of the problem or damaged tree in order to determine if a tree removal is really needed. Before you hire a contractor, refer first on some tips below to make sure you are making the best options for both your tree as well as yourself. 


 Tree Removal Should be the Last Resort 

In most cases, the tree removal should be the last option. Not only that these trees beautify and considerably add value to your property but also, they support the local ecology. 

As a matter of fact, not all individuals who work on these trees are already considered as certified or professional arborists, so a person with a chainsaw and a truck may suggest removal for every issue when there are still some other tree-saving solutions available. 

On top of that, the tree specialists can often treat and diagnose many problems which would otherwise need cutting the tree down. 

 Professional Tree Removal Contractors 

When hiring a tree removal contractor, you should compare apples to apples. There is more than one method to take a tree down, and the cost can differ accordingly. The professional arborists are well-trained to remove trees effectively and finishing the project without damaging your neighbor’s trees, your landscaping and your home.  

It still depends on the type of tree and the location. The tree removal may often be very difficult and most of the time costly. If the tree contractors cut the tree at its base, letting it fall down freely, the range of the cost will definitely be lower however, the risk of damaging your properties as well as your neighbor’s properties will be much higher. 

After heavy rains, there can be high demands for professional tree experts to take down damaged tree limbs or to do tree removals. In addition to that, be extra careful to those individuals who go door to door for tree task, as qualified arborists and other certified foresters do not practice this routine.  

Hiring a tree expert who closely follows safety measures will help protect you as well as your properties. 

Regulations to be Followed Regarding Tree Removal 

While the tree is part of the home owner’s property, the decision for the tree removal doesn’t always belong to the home owner. Countries and cities may regulate removal of the trees, usually needs permits and inspections before the tree can be totally removed. 

The associations of the home owners may insist on approving all tree removals. Reputable and qualified tree service contractors will help the home owners with acquiring the needed permits as well as coordinating the schedule of the tree removal.   

Lumber and Stump Removal 

Qualified tree service companies should also remove stumps, keeping your area free from a long-standing eyesore. Furthermore, double check with the contractor or company to ensure that stump grinding is really included in the cost when getting the estimate from a tree service contractor.