In freight, the term heavy haul defines a shipment that carries an extraordinarily wide and huge load that surpasses the weight limits and/or guidelines for legal dimensions (length, height, or width). One great example of this is the manufacturing equipment. In this case, special permits and special equipment are needed to move the load. Oftentimes, heavy haul might be referred to as a Super Load. This will require a special truck loading and unloading Moncton service.  

If you want to make an effective heavy haul shipment, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.  

Be Ready for the Unexpected 

There might be an unexpected obstacle, even with the best preparation and planning. This includes: 

  • Train tracks and bridges – Heavy haul might need a huge amount of change to road clearance or surfaces whenever there aren’t any alternative routes available. 
  • Weather – Weather might cause unexpected delays. This is particularly true during particularly seasonal extremes.  
  • Unexpected Construction Zones – The trailers and trucks might have to take another route. This can mean more transit time, which will add up to the overall cost. 
  • Support Cars Might Be Required – Bucket trucks, chase cars, and pilot cars. 
  • County Permits vs. State Permits – Every province and state has various restrictions and regulations. There are a couple of national standards. A couple of states might even vary between counties. Getting approval for permits might take up a couple of weeks. A lot of extra fees might be uncured at every municipal, county, provincial, or state boundary. 

Ask the Company About Permits 

On almost every occasion, the freight company will take care of the required permits once contracted. They’ll typically include them in the overall cost. Verify if this is the case with your particular move. 

Plan Carefully 

You should provide yourself a lot of time to get organized. A couple of days is not enough. It should be weeks or months. This will provide the company with time for all arrangements. 

Verify Any Other Unique Needs 

Do you have a fragile load? Do you know how to strap it down to the truck? Do you require flags, tie-down points, tarps, or bracing? 

Understand How You Are Going to Place the Load on the Truck 

Are you planning to have delivery or pickup? Do you need to hire a huge forklift or a crane? 

Understand the Dimensions 

Weight, length, height, and width. These dimensions will define the form of permits required for the shipment of over-dimensional loads. A couple of inches of difference result in a change of cost, permit, and route. If the carrier has obtained a permit for a particular criterion and the weight or dimensions are changed subsequently, the carrier will have to re-obtain for another permit at an additional fee. 

Find the Correct Company 

You need to hire an experienced and reliable freight company to help you. you need to ask for references, ask a lot of questions, and ask for proofs that the carrier is experienced in handling and organizing these kinds of heavy haul.